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Ear Candy

Time Wasters
Formula One
During the season, BBC FiveLive offers an F1 radio program each week
on Friday afternoon. You don't have to work to hear it live because
they leave the stream up until next weeks show. The show is 1/2 an
hour and is the best news program on F1 I have found. Here's the

Be Sure to check out the BBC Radio web site for all kinds of other
great programing. They have something for every interest.
Star Wars
If you are a fan of radio dramas then be sure to check out this site
for your Star Wars audio fix. You'll find huge amounts of radio dramas,
web based radio shows, and more here. Some are very well done
others are ..... well.... not. Give it a try.
Old Time Radio Dramas
Fans of old time radio can buy disks here. The collection on this site
is amazing. His prices are very cheep for the amount of material you
get. Radio Dramas, Historic Radio Broadcasts, Sports, etc.
Web Recording
I use these programs to record web based programs for download to
my iPod.

Total Recorder Pro is the best I've found.

Replay Radio is much more simple.  http://www.replay-radio.com/

Caterham DeDion 2004
Ford Zetec SVT 2.0L
Ear Candy and More...