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Time Wasters
Wings, Boot Carpet, and My First Ride in a Seven!!
Below you'll find more tedious work. I prepped the wings to go to the
local Line-X shop. Line-X is a spray on pickup truck bed liner process.
It can be applied in various colors or patterns. For my purposes I just
wanted plain black with a ruff textured finish. They kept it thin by
their standards. I've seen truck bed applications where it was about
a 1/4 inch thick.

Also you find shots of fitting the carpet in the boot around the filler

In double checking everything before the first start up I found and
extra wire CaterhamUS had labeled OPG. Since I had a Oil Pressure
Gauge connection already I called them to make sure I didn't miss
something. Turns out I don't use the one I had plugged in. Instead I
had to attach a remote pressure unit using this new wire. The
connection I had used was extra.

I also, put a clamp and zip tie on my oil filter per a post on BlatChat
about a filter coming loose. Don't really know if I need it. But there it
Wings Sitting on
Taped and
Ready for Line X
Wings First
Time on Car
Wings Back
from Line X
Second Package
of Tape !!!
Boot before
Vent Cut Out
Marking and
Cutting Carpet
Carpet back in
Filler Hole
Pressure Sender
Sender Line
Oil Pressure
Bolt Head Relief
Filter Strap
Close Up
First Ride in a Seven !!!
You'd think that after 20 years of wanting one, ordering and getting
this far into my project I'd have at least ridden in a Seven. Nope,
Never, Not yet, Till Now that is....

"Xflow" Dave dropped by while I was playing with my wings. It was
a warm weekend and he had his car out. As you can see from the
pictures, the road in was sloppy and he braved the mess to come
see us. It was this first time I had seen his car and we spent a good
while looking and poking at all the bits. VERY COOOL....

Then he took Ken and I for rides. He even offered to let me drive.
But with my driving shoes at home and my work shoes being to wide
to fit the peddles I had him do all the driving. Besides he's use to
the car and I just wanted to enjoy the trip.

Off we went, The roads around Ken's are great "Blatting" roads.
Twisty, hilly, and just plain fun. Dave's car was very cool, smelled
great, went like stink. He was able to rotate it with the throttle with
ease. It was great fun after not driving in "anger" since October
when I was at Grattan Raceway to get out and blat around a bit.

After the ride I kept flashing back all weekend to flying in a J-3 Cub
when I was in High School and college. A good friends dad owned it
and my friend had flown it since his early teens. We would go
barnstorming, doing wing overs while chasing a toilet paper roll we
had thrown out the side door (you fly with the door open) to cut the
streamer with the wings as it descended. Loops, strafing runs on
private grass landing strips, three point takeoffs, one wheel
landings, and flying formation with ultra lights at
negative ground
speeds were the norm for us back then. Just to show off we'd "fly
the tail" from landing all the way to where the Cub was tied down.
This meant even though the Cub is a tail dragger we never let the
tail wheel touch the ground while taxing.

The experience of riding in the Seven is very much like the Cub. You
can see how everything works. Aluminum, canvas, oil and fuel
smells, raw simple efficiency. I can't wait to get mine done!!!!
Sloppy Roads
Great Seven!!!
Dave and Ken
While Dave and I were out blatting, he indicated there was a Lotus
behind us!! I turn to look just in time to see an Elise at full song
moving out to pass us!! What are the chances of that in the middle of
a Michigan winter!! I was glad Dave didn't press him as he passed.
Since he passed us on a good size hill and in a no passing zone. Then
my first dose of reality about the Seven hit. When we crested the hill
the Elise was gone!!! It had apparently gone over 200 to 250 yards in
less than 2 seconds!! Both of us looked like teenagers at a bikini
contest. Heads spinning, looking everywhere.

Then suddenly, like he was a Romulan Bird of Prey DeCloaking, the
Lotus appeared right were he should have been.  Wheww... Dave said
"I gotta get one of those". Thanks to the cloaking device (otherwise
known as a dip in the road) it had looked like the Elise was faster than
any car I'd ever seen.

But in reality the Seven and Elise are so low that a small gully in the
road had hidden the Elise right in front of us!!! A few yards later he
popped out into our vision and the world made sense once again. But
for those few seconds it looked as though he had made the
calculations for light speed and was off faster than humanly possible.

So lesson one of driving/riding in a Seven. They are
VERY LOW.... And
VERY FUN!!!!!!!

Caterham DeDion 2004
Ford Zetec SVT 2.0L
Build Page 18