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Just like Chuck Barris and the Gong Show...
We're Back... With More....... Stuff....
The build continues with detail work. We had some warm days here
after a period of below zero weather. I took the opportunity to get the
garage up to 69F and install the carpets.

The clutch was filled ATE Blue Brake Fluid and bled.

Also installed were the O2 sensors and I played with the filler neck
for the fuel cell. After receiving the 90 degree fitting and trying to fit
the vent hose nothing really worked.

So after looking at it I decided to take the filler neck to a local welder
and have the vent reshaped and welded. It's not on this update but
Deluca Welding cut off the vent tube and re welded it at a 45 degree
angle so now the hose should be able to connect to the tank vent all
nice and tidy.
Carpet Test Fit
Vinyl Wraped
More Velcro
Still More Velcro
Clutch Filling
Clutch Draining
Velcro Tools
02 Front from
02 Front from
02 Rear
Filler Neck
Filler Neck
02 Rear
Connection in
Engine Bay
AN Cap fitting
for Returnless
Fuel System
AN Fitting
Not Working
Bring in "Gene Gene the Dancing Machine" while we pause to get
help from another Sevener.
This particular Saturday we had a vist from Dave or "xflow" as he's
known on the Blatchat forums. Dave is probably the closest other
Sevener in the area. He has been trying to see my project for some
time and was able to come over to share tips and lend some guidance
to the final bits of my build. His car is
exactly like mine  except for
drivetrain, fenders, rear axle, seats, and heater. Like I said,,,Exactly.
It does have a yellow nose and green wings with bare aluminum

While he was there, we went over every inch of my car and compared
notes. The pics below are from the cam gear cover removal to look at
the variable timing in my motor. Yup there it is.... Cool...

Also shown are the sheet metal plugs installed to cover the access
holes for the backup switch and speedometer sensor. Not much to
look at but it took a lot of searching to find these. I searched google
under Body Plugs(don't do that), Sheet Metal Plugs, Firewall Plugs,
and on and on an on... I finally found a company that was kind
enough to ship me some samples since they only really sell to
industry. I sent a thank you note and some cash for them to go to
lunch on. If you need these plugs contact Cody at CaterhamUS. I
gave him all the info. Caterham only sends one of these with the kit.
Getting an extra one from them seemed to be much harder than it
should be. So now everything is buttoned up nice and tight.
Body Plugs
Variable Timing

Caterham DeDion 2004
Ford Zetec SVT 2.0L
Build Page 17