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More Rubber Hoses and Exhaust Installation...
Not much to tell here really. The job of installing the radiator hoses
continues. I did have the pipes used for the main hoses top and
bottom Powder Coated black by a local firm. After trying to find a local
person I came up with a couple of guys in a business development
center in downtown Flint that did a very nice job and took good care
of me. Premier Powder Coating is their name. They don't have a web
site since it seems to be a relatively new venture. I'm thinking of
having the valve cover done in wrinkle finish red by them also.

Exhaust went on and looks very cool. Once we fire the motor I'll listen
for any leaky joints and address them then.

This weekend I plan to fill the radiator and recheck my electrical
connections on Saturday. It looks like another "Sevener" may come
over to look at the car. I'm looking forward to his help and wisdom on
the fitting of the finish bits that are coming up.
Front Hose/Bottle
Hose Detail
New Powder Coat
Header In...
Before Headers
Header Parts
Slip Joints
Slip Joint Clamped
Stainless Button
Head Bolts
Collector Exiting
Rear Pipes...
Overview of
Guard Fitting
Close Up
Job Done
More Fitting of
Rear Pipe
Ok... So I Lied.......
There is more that I forgot about. I installed the Windshield Washer
Reservoir. Sounds simple enough. Caterham says the mount is
preinstalled at the factory. Opps.... Not on my car. I have three
brackets that look like they could fit, and a couple of bags of rivets
and stuff for odds and ends. Neither of these bags has any label so
it's use what you like and hope it's not hard to replace locally if your

Now where to drill the holes.

After playing with it for another 2 hours I managed to find a spot
where the rivets pretty well straddle where the brake pedal hits the
footwell in the event it was to go that far. I managed to get the
mount high enough so that sitting in the car (even on the floor) when
you look down you can't see the rivets. You have to bend to see them.

I KNOW that I should never have the brake pedal contacting the
footwell. It stops long before that. But as I head into turn one at
Grattan Raceway I have these visions of the pedal going to the floor
with the bottle flying off as I franticly continue to mash the brake
pedal after boiling my brake fluid because
I'm just soooo damn
!!!! In my vision the bottle wedges itself below a tire taking with
it all hope of recovery.

With the rivets clear of this nightmare I can sleep at night and
besides looking at its new position it just looks nice. Any weird
reasons or visions are mine alone and in my head. All the voices in
there agree with me both on the positioning and my speed at the
track. We all feel much better. Funny how that works<G>.
Mount Fitted
Bottle On...
Before Drilling
Rivets from Inside
Rivets Inside

Caterham DeDion 2004
Ford Zetec SVT 2.0L
Build 16