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HiPer Extreme Coatings, Empty Bladders, and the Kindness of
The header pipes came back from HPC and the Fuel Tank returned
from it's transformation into a racing cell. The headers are now very
black except where they where taped and left clean for the slip joint.
By using the HiPer Coat Extreme coating I should see a reduction in
temperatures under the hood and more importantly in the foot well.
HPC says over a 50% reduction is to be expected. Plus I think it
looks much cleaner than header wrap and should last a lot longer. In
talking to some friends that do this kind of stuff for a living, there is
some horsepower gain involved with these coatings. But for my
money any gain I see will just be an added benefit.

The Fuel Cell now has AN fittings for aeroquip style hoses. Fuel Safe
custom constructed the fittings to fit the standard positions on the
Seven. I now have a proper fuel cell that can use the cool Caterham
aluminum aircraft filler cap. Instead of filling the cell from the top of
the tank inside the boot which is the standard way Caterham
supplies fuel cells. Every filler and vent has a ball check valve to
keep the gas in the tank if inverted or hit by something. By using a
ball valve in the fill neck I won't have issues when filling the car at a
gas station. Had we used a flapper valve the filling station nozzles
don't reach far enough into the filler neck to open the flap and you
have to go very slowly when filling the tank. The ball valve
eliminates this problem.

Finally, I got some very cool stickers from Cosworth. I emailed them
and asked how to get some "Power by Cosworth" vinyl stickers for
the car. They really didn't have what I needed. Instead they sent
some for me to use how ever I could on the car. A big thanks to
Cosworth for the cool sticklers !!!!!!!!! That was very kind.
Interior Coating
Test Fitting
HPC Coated
(Note the Dent)
Over View
Slip Joint
Fuel Tank Parts
Fuel Cell
Standard Fuel Pump
Standard Filler
Standard Fuel Level
Sending Unit
Fuel Return Fitting
Fitting to the
Close Up
Filler Alignment
Below you'll find shots of the heater cable placement. While it only
required the drilling of one hole, I played with it for about 2 1/2 hours
before drilling. You can see the alternate location marked on the tape.
If I had put it where Caterham suggested or in the same location
higher up I would have lost any chance I may have of using this area
to put a tool kit on later. I moved the hole as low as I could and as far
over as I could, being sure it would make the bends I wanted in neat
manner and leaving room for the nut to be installed. After a lot of
staring at it I drilled the hole and it works perfectly.

Now I have room for whatever I may want to mount in this area
instead off loosing this space to one cable. Seems like  simple thing
but these are the details that make the build fun for me. I will need a
little cable clamp thingy to hold the cable on top of the scuttle in its
proper place. But that's for another day.
Heater Cable Hole
Better View
Under Steering
Interior Placement
Cool Stickers...

Caterham DeDion 2004
Ford Zetec SVT 2.0L
Build 15