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Time Wasters
More Hoses, Battery Box, Tape Removal and Snow...
As mentioned last time this was the period I was listening to NPR so
much and fiddling with little parts. So the Beat goes on....

These are shots of the jammys being removed and ALL tape taken off
for a look at the car all shiny and bare for the first time. My main
concern was having some of the tape overstay its welcome. Ken had
mentioned that it might get old, dry and brittle. Which could make it
hard to remove. Armed with a can of WD-40, I proceeded to remove
all the tape and there was a lot of it!!! I haven't been shy about
protecting my bits with the stuff. It took me a good 15-20 minutes
just to peel all of it off. Then I went over any parts where the tape
had left residue with WD-40 to clean it up. After a period of
appropriate admiring, I re taped and jammied the car for the rest of
the build process.
Shiny Body..
More Mmmmm...
Clean Bits
I mean Aluminum..
Super Indestructible Protection
Device Applied
(Flannel Jammys)
And Then the Snow Came....
Might need more
Ground Clearance
Not Seven Driving
Watch your step..
It's even deep for
the Tow Vehicle
Back to Work...
I spent a lot of time working on hoses. Refitting and replacing the
supplied hoses with hoses from Gates and Kelly Springfield. When I
get a chance I can now make a guide for myself with part numbers
and cuts needed to construct the hose package or replace any hose I
needed from a local auto parts store.

I also worked on the Battery Box and Clamp. By using some "U"
shaped aluminum stock and rubber hose(what else), I fashioned a
large clamp assembly.

Also shown are the "P Clips" I used to secure the small water hose
that runs along the head from the overflow tank to the thermostat
housing. By using these two clips and a larger piece of hose and zip
tie at one end I was able to secure the hose in a very tidy looking
Battery Placement
Battery Clamp
Various Hoses and
Gates 90 degree
Hose on Manifold
Another Gates 90..
Throttle Cable
Original Hose
from Water Pump
(Updated Later)
First Oil Added.
Change to Mobil1
after break-in.
Close Up
P Clips used to
Route Hose

We got over 10+ inches one night and the temperature went from the
30's to -8 degrees Fahrenheit for a bit. Normally I wouldn't care since
with the help of one small heater the garage will get to about 60
degrees after a couple of hours. But I was getting anxious to put the
carpets and interior bits in. Since I'd be using industrial Velcro for the
carpets I wanted to let them cure in a temperature higher than 30
degrees which is about what the garage stays at when we aren't
working in it.
Caterham DeDion 2004
Ford Zetec SVT 2.0L
Build 14