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Noses, Hoses and  Battery's Oh My...
How SRV and Zappa can cure Brain Numbness from listening to too
much NPR...
Well, It's been a few weeks of fiddling with pipes and wires and
stuff. Since both my fuel tank and header pipes where out being
worked on I had time to fit hoses, wires and other assorted things.
The build at this point seems slow to look at it through these
pictures but I am still working at the same speed as when I was
doing all the other major assemblies.
Below you'll find shots of the water hose fitting, the first time the
nose was installed on the car, and work on the battery. The battery
is a modification to the build. I'm using an Odyssey battery instead
of the Banner battery supplied from Caterham. The new battery is
smaller and more importantly it's a dry cell battery that can handle
the needs of starting the car. I wasn't real keen on having a battery
full of acid directly above the computer for the engine. At some point
I know it would drip/boil over or otherwise wreak havoc on my
computer. The Odyssey takes care of those concerns. However, it
doesn't like to have a draw on it continually. I'll need to connect a
battery minder or use some sort of cutout switch when the car sits
for an extended period.
Finally, you'll find shots of the attic parts storage. I should have
taken these before now. These are the parts that I knew I wouldn't
need for a while so I tucked them away until now when I grab the
bit I need for the build.
Oh yea, during all of this fiddling with little parts I listened to NPR a
lot. After a while it got to me. I can only be so mono tone just so
long. I had to get out the Rush, Satriani, SRV, Skynard, ZZ Top and
Zappa to cure my mono tone blues. I even dug out a
Coast to Coast
episode to have some change in my build "music". Not that anyone
cares what I listen to but it is part of the build experience.
Nose in Attic.
Toys in the Attic...
Wings and Hood
Carpet and Soft Bits
Trowel to
Remove Case
Battery with
Metal Case
Case removed...
Radiator Fitment
Location Testing
Case Ready to
More Radiator
Hose Test Fitting
Cooling Bits...
Water Manifold
(It's in focus)
Clamp used to
guide cutting of
More Hoses
Baby's First Nose
Looking up my
Cool isn't it...

Caterham DeDion 2004
Ford Zetec SVT 2.0L
Build 13