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Well, I've been to one world fair, a picnic, and a rodeo, and that's
the stupidest thing I ever read in an assembly manual.
Appologies to Major T. J. "King" Kong

As I write this I don't have any pictures to post yet. Spent that last
couple of nights fitting the headers primary pipes and cutting the flash
off the belt tensioner pulley. That little extra bit of aluminum was
getting in the way of the removable chassis cross brace.

I have been collecting info on ceramic coating for the headers and
have decided to go with
HPC Coatings. I will be using their "HIPerCoat
Extreme" coating for the exterior and a smoother coating for the
interior of the pipes. This process reduces exterior pipe temps by 50%
or more. Plus it wont retain moisture like header wraps. When all this
is finished the primaries will be a black wrinkle finish and the elbow
joint that comes out of the side of the car will be the standard
stainless. That's the plan anyway.
Well on Sunday, January 1st I installed the induction plenum. It
requires some removal of plastic from the outer casing with a Dremel
tool. I tried test fitting it to see where and how much to remove.
After grinding, fitting, and scaring my hands on the chassis and motor
bits, I was cussing out the guys at Caterham US for selling me these
demon bits. The clearance was so tight no amount of wiggling was
going to help.

At this point Ken was on his way out to dinner with Darcey and
stopped in to ask how I was doing. "I'm about ready to throw the
induction against the wall" was my reply as I gave a marvelous salute
towards Colorado. They left, I barely touched the thing and it literally
fell into place!!!

Suddenly, those guys in Colorado are the best engineers ever and I
have to take back all those bad things I mumbled earlier!!!

Everything fit very nicely. My hats off to Cody or who ever fit this
thing originally. So the plenum is in. Cool.
Rats Nest of Wires
Test Fitting
Knock Sensor
It Fits !!!!!
Cool !!!
Will it ever fit ?
Exhaust before
Header Fitting
Gearbox Tunnel
Belt Tensioner
With the Plenum in, I test fit the headers to get them prepped for
being coated at HPC. When I got them on the car they were VERY
close to the steering column. So I put a dent in one primary using a
pipe and hammer. Before shipping I cleaned up the dent a little with
a Ball Peen Hammer. The shots below show the fitting, denting and
taping needed before the parts got shipped. Hopefully, HPC will get
them back to me in a reasonable amount of time.
Test Fit
Close Fit
Marked for Denting
Dented and Taped

Caterham DeDion 2004
Ford Zetec SVT 2.0L
Build 12