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Time Wasters
The Motor Goes In...

No Zircon Encrusted Tweesers Needed !!!
Well the motor was preped. Speedometer gear and gear cover
inserted. I found that the seal noted in the build manual had been
installed already. Hopefully I didn't need to swap it out. But in talking
to Cody at Caterham US he indicated that when BGH builds the long
1st gear option for them they install a new seal as part of the build.
So I didn't need to replace or install the extra one in the kit.

At this point I still hadn't found the rear mounting bolt for the gear
box to the rubber mount. I spent time going to the hardware, calling
Cody and driving myself nuts looking for the thing. I assembled it
with a bolt from the hardware until a proper one could be found.
Since there is an access port to change this bolt later. On with the
build. Once the motor was in. I found the correct bolt and swapped it
out when we did the final torquing.

The actual work of lowering the motor into the chassis was done by
Steve, Len and myself. Len is the author of the "Lap Dancing" coloum
in the local Porsche Club Newsletter. See his work
Plenum Off the Motor
Motor Minus Plenum
Speedo Seal
Len and Steve
Close but Twisted
Twist Fixer
Progress Stops
Houston, We have
a problem...
Mounts Going On...
At this point all progress stopped. The water pump outlet was hitting
the steering rod. It wasn't even close. Since I knew Ken would arrive
after his holiday to see our progress I labeled the offending member
and left the build for the weekend. Monday I called Caterham US and
Cody instructed me on installing spacers below the steering rack and
rotating the rack to give the last bit of clearance. I had posted a
note on BlatChat and got emails from 7ers that had overcome this
problem by cutting and welding the outlet. With all this in mind I
reset the rack on top of the spacers, applied rotation, and Great
Googley Moogley... It cleared!!
Waiting for
Offending Parts
Crickets Chirping
Label for Ken
More Crickets...
Water Pump
Hitting Steering
Rack Spacers
It Fits !!!!
Ta Da !!!

Caterham DeDion 2004
Ford Zetec SVT 2.0L
Build 11