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Time Wasters
Brake System Fill
Other Detail Work...
Spent the week filling and bleeding the brake system. The pedal is
still a bit spongy. That will change as we bleed the system again
after a few miles to bed the pads in.

After the brakes, I cut the shaft from the keys supplied by Caterham
US.  I'll use just the top part of the key placed close to the PAT
sensor to start the car. This gives me a Ford factory immobilizer
setup with no key to mess with under the dash. Locating the PAT
sensor and a pocket for the new fob will come later.

Next I got the chassis ready for the motor installation.  On my next
update you'll find plenty of tape and cardboard on every surface. The
intake plenum and knock sensor were removed from the motor. I had
my "I can't find the part" moment for the car as I looked everywhere
for the bolt that holds the rubber mount to the gearbox. After giving
up and calling Caterham US to be sure I got the correct spec bolt
when I replace it locally I found the correct one in the bag where it
should of been. Oh well... I found it, and its in the car now.

Also on this page you'll find our translator Steve Shanks(he grew up in
various places around the London area) for all those times when I
find myself separated by a common language. Steve tried out the car
for size soon after we go it to the ground. Steve also helped with the
engine installation shown on the next page.
First Bleed...
Power Bleeder
Fresh ATE Blue
Bled and Full
Cutting the Key
Filling the Lines
Shafts Cut Off...
Progress So Far
Right Side
Motor Moving Day
Ready to Move
Motors New
Front of Motor
Front Cam
Long 1st Gear
Steves 1st

Caterham DeDion 2004
Ford Zetec SVT 2.0L
Build 10