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The Big Lift !!!
Honey... Who Shrunk the Car?
With the help of Bruce, Donna, Jim and his father, Pete, Ken, and
Darcey we got the car down off the stands on onto its tires!! To
avoid confusion everyone was called Bruce and instructions/warnings
were given on handling my aluminum skinned baby.

Once the car was on its own tires for the first time ever it really hit
me how small it is. The only thing I said for the first 15 minutes was
"It's so tiny.... boy it's tiny... man this thing is.... tiny..." and so on.

Of course this included my sitting in the car for the second time and
franticly pulling up on the handbrake as Ken and Jim tried to push me
out the door and into the slop that is a Michigan winter. Since I
hadn't filled/bled the brakes or adjusted the handbrake cable I felt
pretty helpless.

We did manage to torque the rear axle nuts to 200ft lbs while
everyone was there to hold the car.

Next week will be brake fluid, getting ready for the engine and
gearbox. Next Weekend. The lump goes in.

Oh BTW, That sweatshirt I'm wearing is my favorite work shirt since
it got stained with ATE Blue Racing Brake Fluid. Seems appropriate
somehow. On to the pics....
Our Team of Bruces
Instructions Given
It's Up!!!
Going Down...
2nd "Drive"...
Full Stop Mr Sulu..
Axle Nut  Being
2nd Alex Nut
Touqued to
200ft lbs.
Bench Racing...
Chatting and
Bruce and Pete
up to no good.

Caterham DeDion 2004
Ford Zetec SVT 2.0L
Build 09
Much Rejoicing and
Pants Adjustment