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Time Wasters
Rear Calipers and Windshield for builders with no sense of
The rear assemblies went together like you'd expect. No problems
what so ever. Everything fitted and torqued up nicely. Even the brake
fitting lined up well and tightened into the calipers with no trouble.

I knew I was in for a surprise somewhere and the windscreen was it.
Thanks to everyone on BlatChat, I've since learned that in the UK the
chassis is delivered with the windshield installed. That's why there is
no mention of it in the build manual. None, Zip, Zero, Nodda...

I pulled every book and photo I could get from my binders full of
other peoples builds. I looked, studied and stared at all of them for
alignment help and weather strip help. To be fair, this is really pretty
straight forward. But I wanted to keep from scaring the nice shinny
ali scuttle by using my "three times is enough" technique I've work so
hard to refine over these past weekends.

When I started the fitting I had a difference of more than 3/8 of an
inch in the gap between the right and left side of the bottom of the
windscreen and the scuttle. When done Dremling, pushing, bolting
and cinching up the shorts, the windscreen frame hits the rubber
grommet on the righthand side and has a gap on the left. The frame
across the scuttle is as tight and even as it's ever going to be. Job
Done. A great big Thank You to all those who helped on
Knowing that over 150 people viewed my question means that I was
being well watched over and the guidance given was first rate.
Thanks again.
LH Caliper
LH Droplink Nut
LH Ear
RH Ear
RH Caliper
Filling Diff
Horns Top
Too Close to Heater!!
HandBrake Top
HandBrake Adjuster
HandBrake Fitting
HB Cable LH Side
HB Cable RH Side
Front Brake Pads
Pad Retention
Test Fit Windscreen
Gaps Found
Windscreen Parts
RH Mounting Holes
LH Mounting Holes
Final Fit Left Side
Final Fit Left Side
Final Fit
Final Fit Front

Caterham DeDion 2004
Ford Zetec SVT 2.0L
Build 08