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Time Wasters
Watt... Is your Quest?
To build a Seven
Watt....Is Your Favorite Colour?
Ali with Yellow Nose and Green Wings
Watt... Is the Correct length of the Watts Linkage Arms?
You mean I'm supposed to measure them FIRST ? Opps...
Not only did I have a bugger of a time with the Watts linkage, this is
the second time I've had to construct this page. I wiped it out doing
some other testing of my site.

Back at the build....

I assembled the Watts linkage like a pro. When I went to adjust the
arm lengths I realized I should have done it first. Before it was all
bolted to the car. I tried to measure and adjust with the arms on the
car. No matter how much I tried to convince myself this was correct.
I knew it wasn't. In this process I realized the arms hadn't been
level when I torqued them the first time. So after taking everything
apart, going to the hardware to replace the Nylock nuts with new
ones. I started all over again SLOWLY... The third time was a charm.
Everything is the correct length, level when tightened and I'm now
the best Watts Linkage assembler for yards around.
I quit taking photos of bad Watts linkage assembly. So you have
these and then magically it's all done. It's my own fault. On to the
next bit...
Bad Watts
Watts Wrong..
Watts Parts
Closer FIA Bar
Bad Bad Watts
Test Fit FIA Bar
Rear Parts...

Caterham DeDion 2004
Ford Zetec SVT 2.0L
Build Page 06