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Ear Candy

Time Wasters
I hate Brake Pipes, I hate Brake Pipes, Rolly, Polly, Brake Pipes.
Eat Them Up Yuk.....
Apologies to Barnes and Barbes and thier Fish Head lyrics..
Brake pipes and I have never gotten along. I tend to mess them up
somehow, someway. When I saw the bends needed to install the rear
lines I figured it might be time to exercise my line bending demons
and just take my time to do it
VERY slowly and as well as I could.
What you see here took me....... Don't laugh...... 6 hours of work. Did
I mention I'm no good at brake lines? I used the back of the WD-40
can and a pipe bender made to keep people from me from needing
any real skill. As I still don't have the dampers on to double check
the clearances I'm not 100% sure they'll work. But they are the best
I can do to this point.
Oh Yea.... Ken, Randy and I installed the Differential. That was easy.
With Ken saying things like "watch Joe have heart failure" as he
grabbed the largest crow bar on the planet (OK.. Maybe not the
"largest" but it was big) to align the holes for bolts to go through. We
managed to get it to within less than a 1mm difference left to right
on the first assembly by going slow and measuring carefully. Job
done. Did I mention I don't care for brake line bending ?
Hanging Diff
Bolts Tightend
Test Fit Lower Bolts
ARB Machining
Diff Done..
DeDion Tape
More Tape
5 1/2 hours later
First Bends
Wicked Bits Before
Passenger Side
Driver Side
T Fitting Bends
Rivets Poped !!!
Final Fit

Caterham DeDion 2004
Ford Zetec SVT 2.0L
Build 05
Note the ARB
machining on the  
Diff. Both the rear tab
that had to be 43mm
and the ARB bit were
done by Caterham.
Cool... The ARB went
on with no bending
required!!! Cool.
Prop Tunnel
Artsy Fartsy Photo...