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Time Wasters
Moving Day!!!
"How The Seven Learned to Love its New Jammys"
After working in near freezing temps for a few nights Ken suggested
we move the operation to the upper garage where it's much warmer.
The shots below show the move and the installation of the Fuel Pump
Module, wiring harness, and the extreme negative toe due to having
the wrong steering rack. The new rack arrives next week.
Negitive Toe !!!
More Bad Toe !!!
New Jammys
Love the Print
Extra in the Boot
FCM Cover Before
Mounting Cover
Harness Install
FCM Mounted
New Workspace
Harness Close Up
New Home
Warm & Fuzzy
Scuttle Taped
Template for Servo

Servo Mounted
Servo Close Up
The Servo actuates the two stage intake plenum. This is part of the
Mod package Cosworth developed for Ford on the SVT motor. They
also upgraded the valve springs, compression ratio (10:20:1), and
included variable timing on the cams. See these two articles for the

2.0l Ford Zetec SVT Bulletin

Caterham DeDion 2004
Ford Zetec SVT 2.0L
Build Page 04