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Progess Update 11/16/04
The lab sent my photos to the wrong place and can't quite find them
at present!!! I will update this page when they get here. Sheeeshh..

The car is polished, front suspension is on, and the drivetrain arrived !

I will post photos as soon as they're found.

Progress Update 11/17/04
Had a few hours to work on the steering. Everything was checked and
organized. The steering rack went in and tie rod ends went on with
out a hitch. When I connected them to the steering knuckle on the
wheel assembly I had a SERIOUS case of toe in!!! After some head
and butt scratching, realized the rack was for a standard car. Since
mine has the wide track upgrade the rack will have to be swapped for
the correct one. Oh well, I have to install wiring harnesses before the
rest of the build anyway. I'll revisit the rack when I have the correct
Photos Found!!! 11/18/04

These are of the initial weekends work. Removal of the fuel tank to
be shipped to Fuel Safe for it's bladder, and the car's first polish.
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Caterham DeDion 2004
Ford Zetec SVT 2.0L
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