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Welcome to my Caterham site. You'll find info and links to useful
information I've found from sources all over the web. If you haven't
been to
Blatchat then take some time to check it out now. It's by far
the best resource for current info on the web.

Official Caterham Sites are  and

A great site for seeing a Seven used everyday in the real world with
loads of photos and info is Be sure to take a look at
how much you can pack into a Seven on their travel pages.

Here's the best road test I've found on the web of a car that is very
similar to mine. Although, since this test Ford upgraded the SVT lump
to put out 170hp. Caterham US is seeing a little more than that on
the dyno once they install the header.
Road and Track Article

The reviewer is Peter Egan. He has been my favorite automotive
journalist for years. Peter loves all the fun things in life like Sevens,
Gibson Les Pauls, Piper J-3 Cubs, and all trials of the simple garage
mechanic. You can read him every month in "Road and Track" and
"Cycle World" magazines. I have volumes 1 and 2 of his compilation
"Side Glances" and highly recommend them.

While I'm on reading material I also recommend Perry McCarthy's
Out Flat Broke"  It's a great look into what it takes to break into F1.
Site Photography
All photos on this site are taken with a Ricoh GR1s. It's a spectacular
point and shoot camera that allows control of the shot like no other
camera its size.

Using Thumbnails on this site
Any photo you see on this site in thumbnail form (small) can be
opened to a larger size by left clicking on it. If you browser is set to
display photos resized to fit a browser page then you'll see the entire
photo. You can then left click on the photo again to supersize the
picture. If your browser is not set to resize large photos you'll see the
largest version of the picture and have to scroll around to see the
entire thing. You can set your browser to resize photos in the
"Properties" or "Advanced Setup" menu of your browser.

Caterham DeDion 2004
Ford Zetec SVT 2.0L